Good Morning,

I have just returned from a few days off of much needed rest.  I come to you washed of 9 months of upstart stress and ready to jump into pre-fall scheduling of this coming winter's schedule.  I am planning Wednesday as an all-day knitting social club, stop in bring your projects, the coffee/tea and snacks will be abundant.

I have had many requests for classes, and I am still contemplating the best days for that, right now I am thinking Thursday evenings.

Over the course of the last few months I have also had many requests for Embroidery and counted cross-stitch.  I am happy to say I am currently working on getting expanding that into PÜRL for the coming new year.

And....YEAH for expansions!!  It is still in infancy.....but I am looking to almost doubling the floor space of PTOWN PÜRL!!!!  Check back for more info about that.


Happy Labor Day Y'ALL!!!  Be Safe and Keep those needles flying!!!