Pürl is going on VACATION Jan 28 to February 11

To my loyal, frequent and would be soon shoppers! I know you will be saddened, but not for too long I hope:

Pürl will be closed for the next two weeks Saturday January 28 to February 11th. I will be taking a much needed vacation to gather strength for the coming summer season! I am expecting arrivals of new yarns, and am looking forward to having you back to the store.


While I am gone I will be coming up with ideas, plans, and new ways to bring the best of the best Local, Regional and stead-fast favorites into the limited space here in the store.


I will try to post, and instagram on the trip!

See you soon!


Love and hugs

Temporary Closed Until Sunday, September 4, 2016


From Sunday, August 28 to Saturday, September 3 

I will be away, working on projects for the store!!!  

I will be returning Sunday, September 4 at 9 am.  

I will also be expanding my hours Sunday, September 3 and Monday September 4th for your project needs!

I am currently also working on the class schedule for the Fall, Winter and Spring….more to come!

Wednesdays, starting October 1 will be a knitting day in the shop, bring your projects, and refreshments and sit as long as you want in the store and knit oil your hearts content.

I would like to invite any and all knitting groups on and off Cape to come sit and knit.  We will be trying to plan some truck shows in the off season.

While I am away I will be working on stocking some more local yarn, and Models for the store!  Those lace weight shawls just aren't meant to be picked up and set down, DRAT!!!

Come see what I have knit up on Labor Day Weekend, and see what's new!!!




Once again, I am sorry that I am closed this week!