Pürl is going on VACATION Jan 28 to February 11

To my loyal, frequent and would be soon shoppers! I know you will be saddened, but not for too long I hope:

Pürl will be closed for the next two weeks Saturday January 28 to February 11th. I will be taking a much needed vacation to gather strength for the coming summer season! I am expecting arrivals of new yarns, and am looking forward to having you back to the store.


While I am gone I will be coming up with ideas, plans, and new ways to bring the best of the best Local, Regional and stead-fast favorites into the limited space here in the store.


I will try to post, and instagram on the trip!

See you soon!


Love and hugs

The Summer has gone, and Fall has began......maybe?

Happy October everyone!!!!

I can not believe the summer has already left us.....and yet it is a balmy 60 degrees outside as I am writing this.

I have really enjoyed my first 5 months in business, thank you to all that have made my first season a success.  I have been busy checking out new lines of products, and new patterns to bring to you, and knit them for the store; It is all very exciting.

As you will note, I have decided to close down Mondays and Tuesdays during the Fall, Winter and early Spring.  I have a lot planned.....possible expansion, more products (for you Embroiderers and Needle Pointers that especially mean A LOT!) - I am planning on getting the full line of Anchor floss and some 14, 18, and 24 gauge cloth into the shop!  

I have taken two leaves from you this summer, one to go to the Dune Shacks out here on the National Seashore; no electricity, no plumbing, just knitting and reading.  I have knit up a beautiful infinity scarf in Wonderland Yarns, it is amazingly fun, and has a great ease to work with!!!  I have also finished a Giezen Wheat Ear scarf in Juniper Moon Worsted weight Graphite 100% Alpaca.  For Anny Blatt fans, and fans of Jūl Fasterners I am finishing a Lava Flow cowl just in time for the cold weather.  One of the novice knitters that I taught to knit last winter has decided to take on a sweater, so we are on the journey together knitting a Robin Hoodie Friar Tuck sweater from BearKnits in West Yorkshire Spinners Blue Face Leicester, amazing Forest-cabled motif!!!!

I love company, and am looking to do day trips with Knitting Groups from all over.  Please call and I will have space and nibbles and hot beverages waiting!!!!

I have learned a lot over the few months, being a new business owner is a BIG learning curve for sure!!!  Thank you one and all for the love of the color I have stocked, I have gotten to see what you truly love and decisions that don't work so well!

Come see the new colors and new art yarns I have in!!!!  


Good Morning,

I have just returned from a few days off of much needed rest.  I come to you washed of 9 months of upstart stress and ready to jump into pre-fall scheduling of this coming winter's schedule.  I am planning Wednesday as an all-day knitting social club, stop in bring your projects, the coffee/tea and snacks will be abundant.

I have had many requests for classes, and I am still contemplating the best days for that, right now I am thinking Thursday evenings.

Over the course of the last few months I have also had many requests for Embroidery and counted cross-stitch.  I am happy to say I am currently working on getting expanding that into PÜRL for the coming new year.

And....YEAH for expansions!!  It is still in infancy.....but I am looking to almost doubling the floor space of PTOWN PÜRL!!!!  Check back for more info about that.


Happy Labor Day Y'ALL!!!  Be Safe and Keep those needles flying!!!

Temporary Closed Until Sunday, September 4, 2016


From Sunday, August 28 to Saturday, September 3 

I will be away, working on projects for the store!!!  

I will be returning Sunday, September 4 at 9 am.  

I will also be expanding my hours Sunday, September 3 and Monday September 4th for your project needs!

I am currently also working on the class schedule for the Fall, Winter and Spring….more to come!

Wednesdays, starting October 1 will be a knitting day in the shop, bring your projects, and refreshments and sit as long as you want in the store and knit oil your hearts content.

I would like to invite any and all knitting groups on and off Cape to come sit and knit.  We will be trying to plan some truck shows in the off season.

While I am away I will be working on stocking some more local yarn, and Models for the store!  Those lace weight shawls just aren't meant to be picked up and set down, DRAT!!!

Come see what I have knit up on Labor Day Weekend, and see what's new!!!




Once again, I am sorry that I am closed this week!


pürl: a place for color, friends and the LOVE for community!!

I am so excited for this evening!  Even though I have been open now for three weeks, tonight will allow me to actualize the idea that the store has opened, and will be open all year-round!  

I started the process of designing the store back in December and it has been a long, sometimes stressful, exciting time.  I am so very grateful for all the help and well-wishes I have received over the past few months, not forgetting to mention the wonderful people who have already walked through the door!!!!

I am so appreciative to all (way too many to mention)!!!  It really does take a village!

Currently I am still working on discovering new products for the store (there is ALWAYS something visually too appealing to pass up), but currently come see, feel and imagine what can be done with what I have to offer!  

Juniper Moon, Ella Rae, Trekking Sock yarn, A Hundred Ravens, Biltmore Wool Barn (Kathy and Mark are fantastic), Berroco, Wool and the Gang, Hikoo (for all you Frog Tree Lovers out there), Periwinkle Sheep and Malibrigo.  That is just a sampling of what is in the store; and there is more IN store for you to come!!!!

Please check back here for more information about classes, and events!!!

Once again,  THANK YOU!!!!