Pürl is going on VACATION Jan 28 to February 11

To my loyal, frequent and would be soon shoppers! I know you will be saddened, but not for too long I hope:

Pürl will be closed for the next two weeks Saturday January 28 to February 11th. I will be taking a much needed vacation to gather strength for the coming summer season! I am expecting arrivals of new yarns, and am looking forward to having you back to the store.


While I am gone I will be coming up with ideas, plans, and new ways to bring the best of the best Local, Regional and stead-fast favorites into the limited space here in the store.


I will try to post, and instagram on the trip!

See you soon!


Love and hugs


pürl: a place for color, friends and the LOVE for community!!

I am so excited for this evening!  Even though I have been open now for three weeks, tonight will allow me to actualize the idea that the store has opened, and will be open all year-round!  

I started the process of designing the store back in December and it has been a long, sometimes stressful, exciting time.  I am so very grateful for all the help and well-wishes I have received over the past few months, not forgetting to mention the wonderful people who have already walked through the door!!!!

I am so appreciative to all (way too many to mention)!!!  It really does take a village!

Currently I am still working on discovering new products for the store (there is ALWAYS something visually too appealing to pass up), but currently come see, feel and imagine what can be done with what I have to offer!  

Juniper Moon, Ella Rae, Trekking Sock yarn, A Hundred Ravens, Biltmore Wool Barn (Kathy and Mark are fantastic), Berroco, Wool and the Gang, Hikoo (for all you Frog Tree Lovers out there), Periwinkle Sheep and Malibrigo.  That is just a sampling of what is in the store; and there is more IN store for you to come!!!!

Please check back here for more information about classes, and events!!!

Once again,  THANK YOU!!!!