The Summer has gone, and Fall has began......maybe?

Happy October everyone!!!!

I can not believe the summer has already left us.....and yet it is a balmy 60 degrees outside as I am writing this.

I have really enjoyed my first 5 months in business, thank you to all that have made my first season a success.  I have been busy checking out new lines of products, and new patterns to bring to you, and knit them for the store; It is all very exciting.

As you will note, I have decided to close down Mondays and Tuesdays during the Fall, Winter and early Spring.  I have a lot planned.....possible expansion, more products (for you Embroiderers and Needle Pointers that especially mean A LOT!) - I am planning on getting the full line of Anchor floss and some 14, 18, and 24 gauge cloth into the shop!  

I have taken two leaves from you this summer, one to go to the Dune Shacks out here on the National Seashore; no electricity, no plumbing, just knitting and reading.  I have knit up a beautiful infinity scarf in Wonderland Yarns, it is amazingly fun, and has a great ease to work with!!!  I have also finished a Giezen Wheat Ear scarf in Juniper Moon Worsted weight Graphite 100% Alpaca.  For Anny Blatt fans, and fans of Jūl Fasterners I am finishing a Lava Flow cowl just in time for the cold weather.  One of the novice knitters that I taught to knit last winter has decided to take on a sweater, so we are on the journey together knitting a Robin Hoodie Friar Tuck sweater from BearKnits in West Yorkshire Spinners Blue Face Leicester, amazing Forest-cabled motif!!!!

I love company, and am looking to do day trips with Knitting Groups from all over.  Please call and I will have space and nibbles and hot beverages waiting!!!!

I have learned a lot over the few months, being a new business owner is a BIG learning curve for sure!!!  Thank you one and all for the love of the color I have stocked, I have gotten to see what you truly love and decisions that don't work so well!

Come see the new colors and new art yarns I have in!!!!